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We are very proud to be the team that is reinventing the real estate market and the way of living. Here, the doors are open to good people who do good, people who transform, who are passionate about the customer and who deliver beyond expectations.

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About Grupo QuintoAndar

We are Grupo QuintoAndar, the largest real estate ecosystem in Latin America. Guided by a shared purpose of helping people love where they live, we have a diverse portfolio of brands and solutions that cover all stages of the journey of living. We develop technologies and innovation that transform and leverage the whole living experience.

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Why work here?

We implement non-obvious solutions, take risks and foster a fertile environment for new ideas. We deliver new ideas because we work together. We collaborate, we are honest and we inspire trust in each other. And it is exactly this combination of innovating and playing fair that makes Grupo QuintoAndar a stimulating, pleasant and light place to work.

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To evolve in order to continue transforming.

In order to fulfill our mission and continue opening doors to better living, we have partnered with fantastic companies to enhance the QuintoAndar Group ecosystem.

February 2013

QuintoAndar was founded in 2013 with the mission to revolutionize the real estate market.

November 2020

Leading content, training, and reference platform for condo managers, condominiums, and property management companies in the country.

March 2021

The Casa Mineira, the largest real estate agency in BH, has been incorporated into the team.

August 2021

One of the leaders in the independent real estate credit segment. With the aim of enhancing the speed and customer satisfaction in the financing process and exploring the potential to offer services to external partners.

September 2021

A software company that solves the bureaucracy of real estate transactions.

November 2021

Solutions for demands and offers through machine learning, artificial intelligence, and chatbots.

December 2021

One of the most innovative companies in the rental guarantee segment in Brazil. Velo’s products complement the business solutions that QuintoAndar offers to real estate agencies, promoting a complete experience that allows for faster and more secure transactions with less hassle.

December 2021

The acquisition of the Navent Group has solidified QuintoAndar Holding as the leading housing group in Latin America and reinforces the company’s commitment to the growth of the real estate ecosystem.

March 2022

Noknox, a startup that provides apps for condominiums, offering a platform to connect residents with condo managers, doormen, and service providers, facilitating communication and daily life in condominiums through mobile devices.

April 2022

We have arrived in Mexico and launched the new local brand, Benvi.

Our people

Check out the experience of those who work or have worked with us

When I started my career, I was sure that I wanted to be in a company that had a clear and effective purpose, at QuintoAndar I found my place. Here I can explore my potential as a professional and contribute to the improvement of the lives of thousands of people. I have no doubt that here is a welcoming place , and a place of  development, where co-creation is the focus and that is why we are always innovating and reaching new people. Working at QuintoAndar is to be sure that we are transforming lives.

Working at QuintoAndar means being in an environment that promotes learning and career growth. It means having the autonomy to make decisions and propose improvements and being able to participate in all stages of the construction and delivery of a product (and being proud of the results delivered). It means being psychologically secure enough to give and receive feedback. It’s being able to have the freedom to work from anywhere in Brazil and get to know very competent people who promote a collaborative environment.

Working at QuintoAndar means having the autonomy to investigate, suggest and iterate paths that will always take our company further – and with incredible deliveries! It’s being able to participate in the construction of culture, influence our development and know that we all want the best for each other.

Working at QuintoAndar means building something from scratch every day. It is the constant feeling of transforming a market that will change the “way of living”. And it’s an intense development process, continually learning new things from the brilliant people who work here.

Our culture

Being here is being part of something big and unprecedented.

This is only possible because we have a team of unique people that evolve with us. Together, we build our culture every day, on the trusting relationships we create and maintain among ourselves, our customers, investors and partners.

Check out our cultural principles:

We play fair

Integrity is our priority and for that there are no exceptions.

We live for the customer

Customers are our number #1 priority and lay in the heart of the organization. They are our reason to live, as simple as that.

We innovate bravely

We are shapers, not followers – and that is simply not possible unless we try something new every single day.

We deliver

We have the ambition to deliver results and experiences that not only add value but also delight.

Together we thrive

We collaborate as a team, we listen to our pairs and colleagues and, most importantly, we deeply trust each other.

Job Openings

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Benvi- Inside Sales Analyst

Operations Workable

Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México, México

Grupo QuintoAndar – Data Platform Engineer – Afirmativa para Mulheres

Data Engineer/Analytics Engineer Workable

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil

Benvi- Operations Analyst

Operations Workable

Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México, México

Grupo QuintoAndar – Data Platform Engineering Manager

Data Engineer/Analytics Engineer Workable

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil

Benvi – Payments Operations Coordinator

Operations Workable

Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México, México

QuintoAndar Group – Lead of Talent Attraction

People & Culture Workable


Benvi – Analista Comercial (Hunter)

Operations Workable

Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México, México

Grupo QuintoAndar – Analista de projetos de D&I – Vaga Afirmativa PCD

Finance & Legal Workable

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil

Quinto Andar – Gerente de Operações Sênior

Operations Workable

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil

BENVI – Analista de Informaciones gerenciales (MIS)

Benvi Workable

Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México, México

Grupo QuintoAndar – Senior Software Engineer

Product and technology Workable


Union – Assistente de Vendas (Indaiatuba,SP)


Indaiatuba, São Paulo, Brasil

Grupo QuintoAndar I Pessoa Coordenadora de Planejamento e Performance

Planning & Strategy Workable

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil

Grupo QuintoAndar – Staff Software Engineer – Afirmativa para Mulheres

Product and technology Workable


QuintoAndar – Especialista de Políticas de Crédito

Finance & Legal Workable



Enjoy your life on and off work. We offer a complete benefits package to make your experience even better.

Remote work, optional use of our partner offices or coworkings.

Variable compensation in a competitive compensation package.

Meal stipend to be used in markets and restaurants.

Comprehensive insurance for physical and mental health.

Complete assistance for parents.

Diversity & Inclusion

Are part of what is non-negotiable for Grupo QuintoAndar. We must ensure a safe space where all manifestations of diversity are free and respected. Get to know our internal community groups and how they collaborate with our communities.

where our LGBTQIAP+ community meets.

where our community of black people meets.

where our community of people with disabilities meets.

where the women’s community meets.

where we promote social impact actions for the community around us.